About Ambar Hamid

Who We Are

Ambar Hamid is a company that strives for human excellence and unleashing the powers that lies within all of us. Our team delivers performance improvement solutions to our clients by helping them achieve their maximum potential. We help individuals, teams and organisations recognise, involve, develop, and focus the human assets with breakthrough strategies and secrets of innovative leaders.

You will also learn pivotal time tested techniques on business leadership, internet marketing, persuasion, influence, sales and many more. Discover the power of our interactive, fun, flexible and cost-effective training solutions.

How We Can Help You

Most people are bombarded with numerous complications and at most times; it deters them from becoming more fulfilled. Concerns involving family, relationship, workplace, business and life seem never ending. Our mission is to motivate you and your team in boosting productivity, communications and teamwork that will in turn increase self efficiency and profits through results-oriented, customised and cost-effective training seminars and motivational speeches.


The Value We Offer

Our robust programs include related interactive materials to compliment the training sessions, such as participant workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, reminder cards and unique follow-up tools. These materials ensure you have a comprehensive set of tools and the information you need for a life changing training experience.

Who Are Our Customers?

Our clients vary from individuals, consultants, teams, to corporations in the financial, security, telecommunications, healthcare, education, government and private sectors, each with specific training needs.


Ben Kench
Manchester, United Kingdom

'The Future has several names. For the weak, it is impossible. For the fainthearted, it is unknown. For the thoughtful and valiant, it is ideal'
Victor Hugo


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